13 Creative Baby Gender Reveals

Revealing baby’s gender has become a family celebration. What once was a simple doctor visit to have an ultrasound to determine your bundle of joy’s sex has since been transformed into next level reveals the entire family can enjoy. From cake cuttings and balloon drops to blue and pink silly string and airplanes releasing colored smoke, gender reveals make the journey to having your little one even more exciting. With these fun and creative ideas to consider for your gender reveal, the only questions you will have left to answer are: He or She? What will baby be? 

Cake Cutting Reveal. This is the traditional method a lot of moms-to-be take when it comes to revealing their little one’s gender. A beautifully decorated cake is the main attraction of your party, with the inside containing either blue or pink cake. The happy couple comes together to cut the first piece, revealing a sweet surprise.

Decorative Drop. The person who knows the gender of your little one can fill a box with pink or blue balloons, confetti, and streamers, and decorate the outside of the box with a neutral color to keep the secret hidden. Be sure to have a string on the bottom of the box, so it can be pulled open, and hang it above the happy couple. On the count of three, mom and dad can pull on the string and the balloons will fall for the happy reveal.

Sports Explosion. For the sports lover in your life: the golfer, the football player, the baseball player (you get the idea), this reveal is the one for them. With an exploding golf ball, baseball, soccer ball, or football filled with pink or blue powder, have the sporty family member kick or hit the ball of his choice for an explosive reveal. 

Ultrasound Party. Gather your family and a few of your closest friends to have a small party during your ultrasound. Be sure to check with your doctor before going all in on this idea, though. However, there are local places who can help you with this, so you and your closest bunch can discover the gender of your little one together.

Smoke Bombs for Baby. Let your announcement fill the air with a gender reveal bomb or smoke stick. These cool devices can help to announce your little one, and they even provide an opportunity to snap some colorful photos you will cherish.

Confetti Celebration. This will surely be a popular reveal among your family and friends. Provide everyone at the party with a confetti popper filled with either pink or blue confetti. After a brief countdown, let everyone set off their confetti poppers for a reveal everyone can take part in.

Silly String Surprise. Everyone loves silly string, and it’s a great gender reveal idea, too! Pick up a few bottles of pink or blue silly string, making sure you hide the color until the reveal. When it is time, spray the expecting couple with the silly string to announce the gender.

The Baby Lottery. It’s like the lottery, but better! You can make or purchase fun scratch-off tickets to reveal your baby’s gender. Get the family involved and allow everyone to scratch off their own ticket to discover the gender of their new family member.

Say Cheese! If you’re looking for a simple yet effective reveal, snap a family photo with a sign sharing the baby’s gender. The photos will make for great keepsakes of your special moment.

Balloon Target Practice. Fill balloons with paint and attach them to a target. Then, take turns with your special someone throwing darts until the balloons pop and the paint color (and the gender) is revealed. Or, if you’re looking for a different balloon filler, add colored confetti in your balloons.

Siblings with Style. For your second baby’s reveal, dress his or her sibling in a pink or blue Big Sister or Big Brother shirt to announce the baby’s gender. You can share them as photos with friends and family, or just have the sibling run about the party in their special shirt, sharing the news.

High in the Sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…boy or girl! This gender reveal is a bit more extreme than the others. If you know a pilot or are a pilot, you can bring your reveal to new heights simply by filling the plane with a colored dye. And when the plane goes up, you can see it paint the sky with blue or pink smoke.

Break the Piñata. You can’t go wrong with sweets, and piñata cookies will add a little something extra (and delicious) to your gender reveal party. Reach out to a local bakery, or make some of your own, and fill the cookies with pink or blue sprinkles. When it’s time for the reveal, break open the cookies or take a bite to share the news.