8 Baby Gifts Parents Can Use

Skip the teddy bears and trinkets and try getting the parents-to-be a truly useful present. Headed to a baby shower in the next few months? Then you will probably be ogling those cute onesies, soft toys, and blankets in the baby section while shopping for the perfect gift. But how about getting the parents-to-be a truly useful present? Here are some items experienced parents know will be greatly appreciated.


Handheld vacuum cleaner

A vacuum that charges and is cordless is even better. These are great for quick cleanups, both at home and in the car for when baby starts throwing food and all of life’s little messes.


Battery charging station and rechargeable batteries

So many items we use for baby run on batteries, from baby monitors to toys. This will give parents one less thing to run to the store for.


Childproofing items

Consider purchasing a variety of baby safety products, including plug covers, cabinet and drawer latches, and door knob covers. It’s amazing how quickly those cuties morph into crawlers and reachers. Package the gift in a lidded box so they can just reach for the item they need instead of running to the store.


Diaper service

If the new parents plan to use cloth diapers, a month or two of paid diaper service can be a lifesaver in that first sleep-deprived month. Diaper services deliver clean, sanitized diapers to your door weekly, and pick up the used diapers. You will never need to wash or even rinse these diapers, just put them in the provided hamper and leave them outside of your door for pick up. Or, if the new parents plan to use disposable, a coupon or gift card for future diaper purchases will be appreciated. 


Baby calendar

A cousin to the baby book, this handy calendar accommodates a sticker on the day a milestone is reached. This is great for busy moms who probably won’t get a chance to fill in the real baby book until after their little one’s first birthday.


Baby keepsake box

A memory box is great for tossing in anything you might want to save. Put in baby’s hospital ID bracelet, greeting cards, first pictures, etc. Later, the parent can sort through the stuff and decide what to keep. You can find these at retail stores or Amazon, or have a personalized version made from an Etsy seller.


Slow cooker

Gone are the days of gourmet dinners for two, and experienced parents know how fast dinner time comes around. Slow cookers come in many sizes and with a variety of bells and whistles. Choose from a programmable version or the old-fashioned model. Either way, you will be a hero for saving dinner.


A baby book

Not the kind in which you record baby’s first words, but an instructional book for the parents. It’s nice to have a reference for those middle-of-the-night questions. Check Amazon or your local bookstore and choose from a plethora of instructional books to suit any parenting style.