Baby Fever

Everywhere I turn, there seems to be a new baby.  My daughter even has baby fever, and she is only 16. She loves little babies, and all little ones seem to flock to her. While we were at Target the other day, she made a friend with a little two-year-old boy. Looking back on my experience, I’ve noticed just how much has changed since I brought my own babies into the world.

All this new technology brings some amazing gadgets for new parents. I mean, they have a formula dispenser now, and the other day I saw that they make a device that holds the bottle for the baby. I laugh because I remember when my twins were little, my husband and I would use blankets rolled up to help prop bottles for an extra hand. It’s not easy to feed two at the same time, especially if one wants to breastfeed and the other wants a bottle. The bouncy chairs out now even bounce themselves! We used to use one of my husband’s ties to tie around their seats, and we would each take a tie and get our arm workout in as they bounced themselves to sleep. I am kind of jealous of these new parents who get to use some of these new gadgets.

With this summer issue of Pink and Blue hitting the streets, we have rounded up some of those must-have items, along with all the local resources you may need during your pregnancy and after. We also discuss mental health awareness during and after pregnancy. There is a difference between the baby blues and just being exhausted!

Throughout your pregnancy, remember to take care of yourself and allow others to help. Having a baby takes a toll on our bodies, and in order to be the best mom or dad you can be, you have to make sure that you take care of yourself.

This article was originally published in Spring 2024.