Best Beginnings

When your little munchkin is finally here, you will find yourself wanting to snuggle with him every chance you get. What makes this more exciting is that those extra snuggles are good for his development. Adding Kangaroo Care into your time with your little one provides an opportunity for you two to bond with skin-to-skin contact. Bethanie Delaney, a Certified Nurse Midwife at Ochsner Medical Center Baton Rouge, says, “Kangaroo care between a parent and their newborn has many positive health benefits. Skin-to-skin contact helps a newborn in many ways, such as regulating blood sugar and temperature, and may enhance brain development. In addition, studies show the ability to bond with and soothe your child increases, as well as the likelihood for better breastfeeding. Under a normal delivery, we recommend kangaroo care begin immediately after birth.”