Freeze Dry Your Breast Milk

Did you know that when breast milk is freeze dried, it retains more nutrients than traditional freezer storage? If you’re looking to transform your frozen breast milk bags into something a little more travel friendly, Booby Food is here to help. Booby Food turns frozen breast milk into shelf-stable, travel-friendly powder through freeze drying. Your frozen breast milk (and only yours!) will be placed inside a chamber where temperatures drop below -40ºF. From there, the chamber drops the pressure, creating a vacuum. During the drying process, cycles of warm and cool air cause ice crystals inside the breast milk to vaporize, leaving behind a nutrient-dense superfood. Then, it’s packaged and sent back to you in resealable bags that protect against light, oxygen, and moisture. Booby Food follows very strict health and safety guidelines and utilizes a triple-cleaning procedure after every single batch, keeping your liquid gold safe throughout the whole process.