Neat & Organized Nurseries

It’s possible binkies, bibs, and breastfeeding supplies are already flooding your baby’s nursery, and he hasn’t even arrived yet. There’s also probably a wardrobe full of onesies and diapers piled high near the changing table just waiting for use. While they are all baby essentials, the items can get overwhelming after a while. Luckily, with these tips, your baby’s nursery will stay clean and organized.

Wardrobe Clean Up. If the dresser is overflowing with baby clothes, consider going through the items and donating what your little one has outgrown or never wears to a charity in need. Babies grow quickly so try setting aside time to do this every other month or more!

Baskets are Best. No, seriously. Not only do baskets hold more items, but they keep things neat on your shelves as well. You can store toys, books, and diapering supplies in separate baskets to keep things organized in the nursery.

Say No to Hoarding. Every item your baby owns is usually sentimental. Her take-home outfit, her first pair of shoes, her first rattle…the list goes on. However, all of these firsts do begin to pile up, and they usually end up in storage. Resist the urge to hoard every keepsake. Hold on to those that mean the most and store only those in a container that can be kept in the closet.