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Pregnant in the Fall

Being pregnant in the fall has a lot of benefits. You are able to pull off leggings and oversized sweaters every single day. I know being in Louisiana, our falls are not like the rest of the country’s; however, it comes with gumbo, étouffée, football, and lots of outdoor activities since our faces won’t melt away in 100 degree temperatures.

During all of my pregnancies, I am the one who wants to worry and hide away. I have an April baby girl and December twin boys, and I remember the spring baby was much easier. I was big and pregnant during the cooler months, so I didn’t freeze my husband out of the house and was able to enjoy walks around the lake.

Pregnancy in the fall also comes with some downsides. Sometimes the cooler weathers keep us in, not getting out to see friends or family which can cause some depression or anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety since I can remember, but I regularly see my physicians so it is under control.

When you are depressed during your pregnancy, you are more likely to develop Postpartum Stress Disorder, which is not good for you or the baby. It is also very important to be honest with your physician and partner, so any signs of depression can be caught early and intervention can begin. Pregnancy can be scary enough, I mean you’re growing a human–sometimes multiple–and it is 100 percent okay to just want to stay inside some days, but you also need to get out and get some sunlight, walk around the neighborhood, or just visit with friends and family. The times will be coming to an end of just worrying about yourself; you will soon have this little bundle of joy looking to you for everything. So take care of yourself, ask for help, and enjoy every minute of it.

This article was originally published in Fall 2023.